Animating Emotions

Waking up in a cold cloudy day, not really sure what you will find this day, nevertheless you realize that the things you did was for your convenience.

animating emotionsWhenever I cannot show or rather I decide to keep my emotions bottled up, I end up forgetting how to feel, how to be sensitive, to empathize and to show it in a normal way. That’s why i turned into animation, not because I forgot what emotions are but because I chose to bury them into some place where they wont be able to bother anyone, or where they wont be noticed the same way you would in a normal way of expression, more like turning it into art. But I must admit when I do animate my emotions, most of the time, I suffer, it feels like I’m not suffering enough in keeping them or maybe its because I’m keeping them that’s why, I don’t really know. I  just don’t understand why. 


P.S. sorry for the depressing post, it might be selfish for me to bottle up my emotions, well I think its for the best at the moment.